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King Quenson offers broad development platform for talented personnel. We care about our employees long term benefits, orderly, relaxed and enriching environment.
Our training programs ensures a high professional standard in our staffs.
Equal opportunities for all
All aspects of employment are merit, competence, suitability and qualifications.
Every staff can enjoy Welfare & Remuneration above the government guidance.
KQS encourages the simultaneous development of personality and the company together.
Whoever devotes to the career of the group will become a member of board.
Current job vacancy
Agrochemical/Chemical----Senior Overseas Marketing Manager
♦To develop international market, search for trading opportunities around the globe and maintain customers. 
♦To participate foreign trading negotiations and set up business relations. 
♦To keep in contact with the customers and reply product inquiries. 
♦To seek for potential customers through internet resources and attending exhibitions. 
Key Responsibilities:
♦Over 22 years old, at least junior college degree in International Trading, Plant Protection or Chemical Industry. Experience of Agrochemical/Chemical product exporting is highly preferred. 
♦At least one year working experience in international trading. Candidate must have the ability to develop new business opportunities. (Please present successful trading cases if available.)  
♦Excellent spoken / written English, French or Spanish.
♦Familiar with international trading procedures.
♦Good negotiation skills and communication skills. 
♦High executive capability. 
♦Optimistic, positive, responsible and willing to work under pressure.
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