The 5th Indonesia Edition of INAGriTech 2017

       Date】Agu 23-25 ,2017

 【Add】Jakarta International Expo(JIExpo)—Booth No. A2G2-08
       【Contact】 Patricia Wang (General Manager)
       【Tel】 +86  13682392391

         Shenzhen King Quenson Industry Co. Ltd, will be exhibiting at  Booth No.A2G2-08 and bring latest technology, main Pesticide Products and finest Packaging to all customers around the world. Sincerely invite you to visit our booth.
        Despite its large population (over 260 million of population) and densely populated area, Indonesia has great potential benefits of its agriculture sector
with its huge and plentiful fertile soils, Indonesia becomes a major global key producer of a wide variety of agricultural tropical products. Besides, it is now the world's largest producer of paim oil and the world's leading producer of coffee, rubber and cocoa. The agriculture is Indonesia's pillar industry and around 60% of the total population working in the agrobusiness.