Registration is an important part of the pesticide business, and many companies are in face of complicated regulatory affairs, so they constantly search an experienced partner to satisfy their critical registration needs.
King Quenson Group pays much attention on the registration service to our clients. We are able to provide professional research, documents and technical services to assist our clients to get registration certificates.
Our pesticide registration team is comprised of highly qualified professionals. We understand the crop protection registration rules. In order to keep the pace of new registration regulation end register new products in a shorter time, we regularly study the latest registration regulations. We also assess the trends of registration of new products for countries all over the world, and make the marketing plan for the upcoming overdue patent pesticides, to ensure the uniqueness and diversity of product assortment.
AII of our studies are conducted in full compliance with Laboratory Standard. Reports and documents are also conducted in conformance with the registration regulation released by the Ministry of Agriculture or Crop Protection Council.

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